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Farmers Markets

August 12, 2017

It was only fitting that we went to 2 farmers markets today to celebrate National Farmers Market Week August 6-12.  I love to go to farmers markets, not only to buy good local produce, but to see the people and the farmers connecting.  Two of the best markets are in NW Arkansas.  The first stop was the Bentonville Market on the square.  They had loads of fresh produce, plus coffee, pastries, cheese, meat, flowers, arts and crafts and music.  It is also in a beautiful setting with some lovely gardens which have a great mix of annuals, perennials, tropicals, houseplants and trees and shrubs.   

We packed up our purchases and headed to the Fayetteville Farmers Market, which has led the way for locally grown and community oriented markets. They had activities for kids and adults, along with tons of produce, fresh flowers, bread, cheese, meat and arts and crafts.  There was a man making tools, a woman carving wood and the humane society trying to get pets adopted.  Many of the shoppers had their dogs with them as they shopped, ate and visited.    The UA Entomology department was there to show bugs and answer questions.   The Fayetteville Square also has a lovely landscape with so many plants in bloom. 

We ended up buying a wide variety of fresh vegetables from heirloom tomatoes and colorful peppers to corn and squash and garlic.  I wish my home garden was producing more–I have neglected it way too much this summer and it is in need of renovation. I am still getting peppers and a few tomatoes, plus okra and kale, but I need to spend some time in my own yard.

I did walk the garden this afternoon after we got home.  I really like the Jubilation Gardenia.     This is the second bloom of the season and it is loaded with blooms and more buds are coming. It smells amazing and it is in full sun.  My harlequin clerodendrum is also in full bloom and it smells amazing too.   I just wish it was not so invasive. It’s blooms redeem it, and they will continue to shine long after they are finished. The white flowers turn red and blue in the fall.

I have hardy hibiscus in bloom, along with a new variety of althea.  These plants are in the mallow family along with okra and cotton.  The Encore azaleas have quite a few blooms and should continue through fall. 

Take a look at your spring blooming plants.  Many of them already have flower buds set. I have buds on my tulip magnolia, deciduous azaleas, camellias and dogwoods. We have had a pretty easy growing season this year. Yes, I have watered, but we have had fairly decent and regular rainfall.   That coupled with milder than normal temperatures has been a blessing.  Watering and rainfall has helped plants grow but it also leaches out nutrition.  I have decent blooms on my annuals but they definitely need a little more fertilizer.     Tomorrow I plan to fertilize and possibly do a little renovating.  I did bring some new plants back from Buffalo that need to get planted.  I think I need a few more hours in the day!

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  1. Amanda Buck-Ortega permalink
    August 15, 2017 7:16 pm

    Thanks for sharing! I’m going to have to make a trip up to Fayetteville to check out the farmers market, looks fun!

    • uamg permalink
      August 15, 2017 9:08 pm

      If you are ever in Arkansas, please let us know. You have an amazing family!

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