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Home and Away Again

August 12, 2017

We had an easy trip home from Buffalo and even arrived 30 minutes early. It was great to be home and see the family and dogs. I had to unpack since live plants were involved.  They all made the flight home in great shape wedged in with my clothes and shoes. Thursday was a busy day at the office catching up. We have a lot of big events coming up. A to P for first year MGs is next Friday- Monday, then MG Italy trip, then PNG Leadership and then MG week with a great event at the South Arkansas Arboretum     in El Dorado on October 9, then a bus trip to Mississippi the end of the week. Time flies when you are busy. 

As I was pulling out of my driveway headed to work I noticed something in the hydrangeas and crape myrtle. Luckily I pulled up closer in my car, not on foot–a snake was sleeping up in there.

It was gone by the time I got home. 

Friday was a day off to head to Bentonville and Crystal Bridges with Clay and friends. 

This is the last weekend for the Chihuly exhibit for the inside display. It was an amazing show and had some different pieces from other exhibits I have seen. With my glass obsession we could not miss this show.

Then we toured Chihuly in the Forest. This part of the exhibit stays open through fall.

In addition to fabulous glass art, there is a great collection of native plants.

This bench was in the garden.

Do you think it is broken or art? We did not test it.

Before heading to the hotel, we stopped by Compton Gardens to see the tree the Benton County MGs planted in memory of my dad. 

How special! 

We had a long journey to Fayetteville to have dinner with friends- a wreck ahead added almost an hour to our journey, but we made it and had a fine meal. Another full day. If you have not been to Crystal Bridges–GO! It is such a special place even without Chihuly. A treasure for our state!

Today we will hit the farmers markets before heading home. I think I have 5 nights in my own bed! 

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