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HIS Last Day from pollinators to carnivores

January 5, 2019

We had an excellent last morning in the Public Garden/MG section of the Horticulture Industry Show in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Washington Co. MG Dani Dingman his 1-5 (4) kicked us off with an excellent talk on Engaging children with pollinators.  She had us all engrossed and showed an excellent video clip: .  This is a must see you tube video.  I am sure with Dani as a teacher, the children she is teaching are going to be experts on pollinators.

Our second talk was the most unique of the conference, almost the anti-pollinator plants–carnivorous plants, presented by UA horticulture senior student Juan Moscoso. his 1-5 (7) He waxes poetic on carnivorous plants, and has turned his hobby into a passion and now a business. his 1-5 (23)What started in his apartment has blossomed into even more growing space. carnivorous plants.his 1-5 (22)carnivorous plants.his 1-5 (24)carnivorous plants.his 1-5 (26) It was a fascinating presentation and I learned why my son killed so many Venus flytraps as a boy.  I did buy a sundew carnivorous plants.his 1-5 (15)sundew carnivorous plants.his 1-5 (22)sundew carnivorous plants.his 1-5 (24)and will see how long I can make it live.  You don’t use commercial fertilizers (or raw hamburger meat) to feed carnivorous plants–they would prefer some live insects but you can also feed them dead ones or dehydrated blood worms.  Their leaves are covered in tentacles which catch the insects.  They supposedly do a great job on fungus gnats and fruit flies–of which I have neither at this time.

Then our final two speakers rounded out the morning with yesterday’s keynote speaker Ray Moranz of the Xerces society with an excellent presentation on Monarch Butterflies and their host and nectar plants.  his 1-5 (25)his 1-5 (26)

and ending with Pulaski County Staff Chair and Horticulture Agent Randy Forst.  His talk was “It takes a village: creating a large demonstration garden.  He shared the plans and schedule for the horticulture demonstration garden they are putting in at the Arkansas 4-H Center.  It is going to be an amazing project once completed.  It generated a lot of questions and interest.  his 1-5 (29)his 1-5 (30)

The HIS is a great way to start the new year off on a high note with horticulture education.  Next year the conference will be in Tulsa.

It was an absolutely glorious day for a drive with not a cloud in the sky and mild temperatures–quite a difference from what we drove in going up on Wednesday.  Tomorrow promises to be more of the same, so I hope to have some time in my own garden!


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