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It’s a Busy January

January 24, 2019

January tends to be cold, rainy and sometimes snowy. Although weather-wise it isn’t a busy month for outside gardening, it IS a busy month for garden planning. From gardening events and seminars to ordering seeds and planning the upcoming Spring landscape, the month is packed with activity.

The state extension office has been hosting meetings and planning events. Many deadlines for our Master Gardener Program occur in January – MG Award and Conference Donations, Award Nominations, Years of Service List and County Program Scholarship just to name a few. Thanks to all of you that have donated to our program, sent in award nominations and gave us your years of service list. We appreciate your support of the Arkansas Master Gardener Program.

Stay tuned to our blog for more posts on gardening, events and the Arkansas Master Gardener Program. Janet may be retired, but our blog is not. She graciously left our office access to the blog she built up over the years. She dedicated many years to horticulture in Arkansas and she wishes for our office to continue educating and informing you all .
We are working to get the name and photo changed to lessen confusion with her new blog at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.
Thanks, Janet, for sharing your knowledge of plants with us all!

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